About Us

About Us

Who is The Holistic District?

Welcome to The Holistic District where tranquility and wellness are elevated through the benefits of nature. It is our core belief that nature holds the true keys to our well-being.

In a world filled with pharmaceuticals, The Holistic District looks to promote health and wellness through the benefits of CBD. Founder & CEO of The Holistic District, Kevin Archer Sr., a certified CBD Advisor, launched this company after 25 years in the health care sector.

Kevin spent 10 years as the President of a multi-million-dollar health care management company. Over those years Kevin encountered countless individuals that suffered from the negative side effects from the use of traditional medications. Having experienced similar effects from traditional medicines himself, Kevin was always looking for something to increase wellness through natural remedies.

As an avid runner & swimmer Kevin often dealt with chronic shoulder & knee discomfort. After trying several over the counter medications over the years, nothing seemed to provide the relief he was seeking. After exhaustive research and learning of all the natural benefits of CBD, Kevin started using CBD for his issues. Before long, his issues that were interfering with his abilty to get through the night due to his ongoing discomfort turned into bliss.

So enamored by the benefits of CBD, Kevin began to share his joy for CBD with friends and family. As they learned of all the benefits of CBD and one after another provided tremendous feedback of their experienced benefits from CBD, a vision was born. What began as just a joy for finding a natural product that provided so many benefits morphed into a passion to share the joys of CBD with as many people as possible. The Holistic District is here to educate and provide access to the benefits of CBD and to help alleviate the stigmas associated with the hemp plant.

At Holistic District there’s always someone available to help YOU!

Health an investment not  an expense

Our staff are CBD Certified Advisers by the leading CBD certification authority, the CBD Training Academy.  As such we can guide you to the best products for your concerns with knowledge and experience you can trust.


Getting Questions Answered

At Holistic District we believe that the heart of our business lies in the genuine care our staff extends to each and every customer. Our commitment to providing not just products but an exceptional experience is what sets us apart.

When you come to our website, you’re not just a shopper; you’re our guest. Our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring your needs are met, answering your questions (all our staff are fully trained “Certified CBD Advisers”). We understand that your time is valuable, and your satisfaction is our top priority.


    Our Mission

    The Holistic District was founded with a vision to provide like-minded individuals with education and access to CBD and Cannabis products to help them facilitate and promote wellness and a tranquil lifestyle.

    Health an investment not  an expense



    We’ve built Holistic District CBD to appeal to a wide range of people by focusing on offering a diverse range of high-quality products, transparency in sourcing and testing, and clear marketing that emphasizes the potential benefits of CBD without making unproven health claims.

      Different Products

      Organically Grown Hemp Resource

      Happy Clients

      Educated CBD Team Members

      The Holistic District has a well-rounded line of CBD products based on Organically Grown Hemp and we worked hard to develop a line of products that would appeal to all types of people.

      The Holistic District Difference

      Our Expert-level CBD Trained Team Members

      One of the Holistic District’s differences is our educated staff members who are trained to help YOU to easily and quickly select the products that are right for you.  Feel free to take a class on our education page, take our “Quick Product Selector Quiz” or contact us through our Contact Us page if you have questions or need help selecting a product.

      What are our clients saying about us?

      “I’m someone who has struggled to wind down at the end of each day, I have tried countless remedies to quiet my mind. However, it wasn’t until I discovered Holistic District’s CBD Tincture that I finally found a solution that helped me rest.”

      Jack O.

      “I’ve been exploring natural remedies for various health concerns, I was initially skeptical about CBD products. However, after trying Holistic District’s products, I was pleased with the positive impact they had on my well-being.”

      Sandra L.

      “The gummies not only taste delicious but also deliver a consistent and effective dose of CBD. I have found they help with my occasional stress and they have become an essential part of my daily wellness routine”

      Mila R.

      We stand behind our Premium Products - so give it a try and if you're not 100% satisfied after 30 days we will refund your purchase, no questions asked!

      FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50!

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